Optimising clinical pathways through digital 
Optimising clinical pathways through digital 

How to apply

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Whilst technology plays its part, real change is delivered not just through technology adoption, but through redesigning and transforming care pathways. Digitally-driven or transformed care pathways can be better for patients, and save time for clinical and administrative teams. The longer-term central NHS ambition is to deliver an established digital pathway for all high volume specialties in the years ahead, and to digitally monitor complex long term conditions. However, pockets of innovation around individual clinical pathways are already driving improved outcomes for patients across the country.

Entries into this category can be focused on a specific clinical pathway, or even a component of a clinical pathway (treatment, medication, education, self-care or preparation for discharge). Judges will be particularly interested in digital initiatives that have the potential for scale and spread across other settings or clinical areas.


  • All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations
  • Evidence must relate to a project, ongoing or completed within the 2 years up until the award entry deadline


  • Provide a clear rationale for the digital project or pathway transformation and the context in which this was required
  • Explain the project aims and what strategic thinking was done before bringing technology to the table
  • Define the intended measures of success and the steps put in place to achieve them


  • Referring back to the targets set above, evidence any improvements in patient access, experience and/or outcome delivered via the new pathway
  • Describe how the project was seamlessly developed and deployed whilst retaining any existing services to minimise disruption to patients and staff
  • Discuss to what extent the new digitally-enhanced pathway has helped integration or coordination of care across the system


  • Evidence how the patient and staff experience has improved as a result of the new clinical pathway
  • Share any financial impacts of implementation, including evidence relating to value for money and/or efficiencies realised
  • Detail any ways that the new pathway is benefiting the patient, organisation or system outside of the original expectations


  • Describe and provide testimonial evidence of the working relationship between the technology partner (if relevant) and the NHS organisation that enabled a genuinely co-produced solution
  • Share how all relevant staff were engaged in the design and implementation of the clinical pathway transformation
  • Explain how patients, service users or the community were considered and involved in the design, planning and implementation


  • Describe, and, if possible, evidence how the learnings from the clinical pathway transformation have been shared across and beyond your organisation or system
  • Discuss the scope for further replication or scaling up of this project in other settings

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