Digital Team of the Year 
Digital Team of the Year 

How to apply

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Developing a sustainable, skilled and supported digital, data, technology and informatics workforce is essential to meeting the healthcare needs of the future. However, true transformation requires a range of perspectives and skills, so this workforce does not have to sit within traditional IT/technology departments. Clinicians, AHPs, lived experience partners, operations leaders and many other professionals across the system are well-placed to keep the patient or product user at the heart of design, and cross-functional teams are growing as digital becomes embedded within NHS organisations’ wider operational or clinical strategies.

Not limited solely to the CIO and their department, this award will recognise a team that has played a key role in delivering successful digital transformation across the NHS or wider system. Judges will be particularly impressed by cross-functional working and coproduction of services with patients and clinicians from across the wider organisation or system.


  • All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations
  • Entries are also welcomed from collaborative groups from across differing organisations, including those which aren’t solely NHS bodies
  • Evidence must relate to the 2 years up until the award entry deadline


  • Describe the cultural context of digital across the organisation/system, and any relevant recent history to show why the team was brought together
  • Outline the vision, goals and targets set by the team, and the plans or roadmap to deliver them
  • Discuss how the team engage with colleagues, stakeholders and patients in developing their vision and planning to ensure inclusivity and deliver user-centric products or services


  • Evidence how the performance of the organisation/system has improved as a result of the team’s actions. This should be both qualitative and quantitative, and make reference to the targets above
  • Discuss how the team has helped improve integration or coordination of care across the organisation/system and the benefits this has driven for both patients and staff
  • Provide examples of specific digital initiatives, products or projects that the team have introduced and clearly show how they have positively impacted patients and staff


  • Discuss how the actions of the team have helped improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, capacity, the working environment, and/or efficiency
  • Discuss any focus given to developing digital career pathways and professional development opportunities for colleagues, to ensure the skills, talent and knowledge is retained within the team or wider organisation long-term
  • Share any financial benefits the team have delivered within your organisation/system – how have they proven the value for money of their work?


  • Provide testimonial and/or supporting evidence of how the team have inspired and engaged differing teams across the organisation with the digital agenda, and created digital champions across the system
  • Describe how the team have inspired and helped develop a digital culture across your organisation/system, providing specific examples of how they have directly influenced the behaviour of colleagues
  • Share how the team have included and involved patients, families and/or communities in their digital initiatives and planning


  • Demonstrate how projects delivered by the team have embedded and spread throughout the organisation or system
  • Evidence how the team have helped improve digital literacy across your organisation or system’s leadership and/or wider workforce – this could be qualitative or quantitative
  • Share how the team have looked beyond the organisation/system to share knowledge and experience with others, or how their work could be replicated and scaled in other settings

To find out more

Entries, attendance and sponsorship enquiries, contact Faysal Chaudhry   020 3510 7110
Media and marketing enquiries, contact Rebecca Bright 0207 608 9056
Judging and event management, contact Awards Support 0207 608 9086