Digital Organisation of the Year
Digital Organisation of the Year

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With a national drive to improve NHS digital maturity set against financial pressures and a myriad of challenges around pandemic recovery, waiting lists, staff well-being and system working, the case is stronger than ever for organisations to embed digital directly within their operational and clinical strategy.

 The winner of this award will be an organisation which has increased their digital maturity to face their operational, financial and clinical challenges head on. A Digital Organisation of the Year will be able to demonstrate a sustained improvement in digital maturity that translates into safer, better care. Judges are looking for high levels of staff engagement with the digital agenda from all areas of the organisation, and clear evidence that increased digital maturity has directly benefited patient outcomes.


  • All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations
  • Evidence provided and projects/workstreams impacting the entry should be ongoing or completed within the 3 years up until the award entry deadline.


  • Discuss the biggest operational, clinical and financial challenges faced by the organisation, and how you have aligned your digital strategy and vision accordingly
  • Outline the vision, goals and targets enabling you to improve your organisations digital maturity and the plans or roadmap to deliver them
  • Describe the cultural context of digital across the organisation, and how key stakeholders and patients were engaged in developing the vision and strategy to ensure inclusivity and deliver user-centric products or services


  • Describe the changing digital maturity of your organisation over the last 2-3 years
  • Discuss how the digital vision is being achieved, and how a digital culture has been developed across the organisation
  • Evidence how digital has contributed to improved performance of the organisation in this timeframe. This should be both qualitative and quantitative, and make reference to the targets above
  • Using supporting material, provide examples of specific digital initiatives, products or projects delivered and clearly show how they have positively impacted patients and staff


  • Evidence how an improved digital maturity has helped improve integration or coordination of care across the organisation
  • Discuss how acting on the digital strategy has improved patient experience, staff satisfaction, capacity, the working environment, and/or efficiency
  • Share any financial benefits the digital strategy has delivered within your organisation and the overall ROI of the organisations investment in digital


  • Describe how you have developed a digital culture across your organisation, providing specific examples of how you have directly influenced the behaviour of staff at all levels
  • Discuss any security, privacy or ethical concerns and how they were addressed in the development and planning of new initiatives
  • Share any joined-up working between clinical/operational/transformation and digital teams
  • Discuss how patients, families and/or communities have been communicated in digital initiatives and planning


  • Demonstrate how individual initiatives have embedded and spread throughout the organisation or system
  • Evidence how digital literacy across your organisation or system’s leadership and/or wider workforce has improved
  • Share how you have looked beyond the organisation to share knowledge and experience with others, or how your work could be blueprinted or replicated elsewhere

Digital Organisation of the Year

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