Digital Literacy, Education and Upskilling Award 
Digital Literacy, Education and Upskilling Award 

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Covid-19 accelerated the rapid deployment of digital tools across health and care services, however these tools can only deliver maximum value when effectively adopted by staff and patients. Overcoming the barriers to adoption often starts with training – providing people with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to deliver safe and high quality digitally-enabled practice.

This award celebrates training projects or programmes that aim to increase uptake and use of digital tools, and ultimately improve patient care. Whilst the focus for these is often staff, it is also important for patients, service users or carers to have access to advice and training to gain confidence in the systems on offer, so judges will also give special consideration to educational projects and programmes in these areas.


  • All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations
  • Evidence must relate to a programme, ongoing or completed within the 2 years up until the award entry deadline


  • Provide a clear rationale for the digital training, education or upskilling programme, and provide context as to who was involved and why it was required
  • Discuss how the programme either drew on, or differed from, existing best practice, and how it was designed to be inclusive and accessible to all relevant staff/patient groups
  • Outline the targets and intended measures of success, and the steps put in place to achieve them


  • Clearly demonstrate the benefits of the training on improvements in technology adoption and/or quality of care
  • Provide testimonial evidence from relevant staff/patients to support the efficacy of the training
  • Discuss any other positive outcomes that were a result of the training, and where relevant any cultural change, in which the organisation now has digital embedded at the heart of daily operations


  • Discuss how the training has provided a boost to digital literacy across the organisation, and how it will achieve lasting impact
  • Clearly evidence how the training or upskilling has improved value to both staff and patients, in terms of satisfaction, confidence or improved quality of care
  • Share any financial impacts of the training programme, including evidence relating to value for money and/or efficiencies realised


  • Describe and provide testimonial evidence of the working relationship between the technology or training partner (if relevant) and the NHS organisation that enabled a genuinely co-produced educational programme
  • Provide clear evidence of involvement from relevant stakeholders during programme development, including any proof of consultations, trials and testing of the materials
  • Demonstrate how the training supports a digital culture across the organisation


  • Demonstrate how the educational/upskilling programme has been used across differing staff groups or departments, or show how it could be used in a wider range of settings or organisations
  • Describe any follow-up opportunities that patients or staff have been offered to upskill further, and/or how the programme or project was designed to allow continuous learning
  • Discuss the scope for further replication or scaling up of this project or programme in other settings

Digital Literacy, Education and Upskilling Award 

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