Digital Innovator of the Year 
Digital Innovator of the Year 

How to apply

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Innovation is fundamental to the country’s current and future healthcare needs. Without it, the NHS would come to a standstill, or even go into decline as budgets continue to be squeezed and demand for services increase.

 Whilst the private sector have plenty of valuable ideas and solutions, it is often those working on the NHS frontline that have the deep insight and experience required to make positive and proactive change. Digital innovators exist across multiple departments, clinical specialisms and teams – they are those who have developed a breakthrough idea, process or technology and show its transformational potential to improve the lives of patients and staff.

This award will be given to an individual who has best demonstrated the success, both current and potential, of a new digital product or initiative. It could also be a new process or way of working – the emphasis is on the word new.


  • Nominations (including self-nominations) can be for those who have developed a new innovative product, service or way of working across any NHS organisation or setting
  • Evidence must relate to a project, ongoing or completed within the 2 years up until the award entry deadline


  • Provide the context for the drivers and need for digital innovation within your organisation/system, and how it differed from existing best practice
  • Outline any targets and metrics set by the nominee or wider organisation/system to measure performance of their innovation(s) vs the status quo
  • Discuss how the nominee engaged with colleagues, stakeholders and patients in developing their vision and planning to ensure inclusivity and deliver user-centric products or services


  • Evidence how the performance of the team/organisation/system has improved as a result of the actions of the nominee.
  • Provide examples of specific digital innovation(s) the nominee has introduced or implemented, and show with supporting evidence how these have positively impacted patients and staff
  • Describe how the nominee has helped instil an innovation mindset, that enables failure, adaption and iteration, across the organisation/system, providing specific examples of how they have directly influenced the behaviour of colleagues


  • Discuss how the innovation(s) introduced by the nominee have helped improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, the working environment, and/or efficiency
  • Referring back to the targets and metrics set above, show how the nominee has delivered value for money through their innovation(s)
  • Share any other benefits the actions of the nominee have delivered within your organisation/system


  • Share how the nominee has included and involved patients, families and/or communities in developing their innovation(s)
  • Discuss how buy-in and investment from senior leadership was sourced and secured for the development and implementation of the innovation(s)
  • Provide testimonial and/or supporting evidence of how the nominee has engaged differing teams across the organisation with their innovation(s) and facilitated adoption


  • Describe any training surrounding their innovations that the nominee has delivered to colleagues across the organisation/system, and the impacts of this on digital adoption and performance
  • Describe any evidence that the innovation(s) delivered have potential for positive outcomes in other settings
  • Share how the nominee has looked beyond the organisation/system to share their innovation(s) and experience with others

To find out more

Entries, attendance and sponsorship enquiries, contact Faysal Chaudhry   020 3510 7110
Media and marketing enquiries, contact Rebecca Bright 0207 608 9056
Judging and event management, contact Awards Support 0207 608 9086