Digital Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award
Digital Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award

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As more services shift online, tackling digital exclusion is a critical step to ensuring everyone in society can live full and healthy lives regardless of their background. We also know that those NHS organisations which embrace the diversity of their workforce are more likely achieve higher levels of staff satisfaction, a positive working culture, improved patient outcomes and organisational efficiency.

This award recognises initiatives which either:

  • Promote workplace diversity, equality and inclusion within digital teams to ensure those leading digital projects are representative of the communities they serve OR
  • Identify and tackle digital inequalities experienced by patients and staff to improve outcomes

 Judges are looking for initiatives which can show tangible results in progress in areas such as: identification and reduction of digitally excluded patients and communities; upskilling of staff members to ensure the full benefit of digital tools is realised; strategic and practical approaches towards the recruitment of diverse digital teams; or clear and evidenced career progression opportunities.


  • All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships, and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations.
  • Evidence must relate to a project, ongoing or completed within the 2 years up until the award entry deadline.


  • Outline the digital equality, diversity and/or inclusion area of concern
  • Describe the initiative, and what you set out to achieve
  • Define the intended measures of success and include detail on the benchmarks used.


  • Judges are looking for quantitative evidence of either identifying and tackling digital inequalities, or improvements in equality of opportunity for recruitment and staff career progression
  • Describe how the initiative was implemented to achieve those results
  • Evidence any sustained improvement over time using supporting material, this can include qualitative measures and testimonials but must also be quantitative


  • Show how your work has contributed to improvement in either patient satisfaction and outcomes, or staff culture
  • Clearly evidence how the initiative has benefited individuals, and their experience as either a patient or staff member
  • Discuss how this initiative has provided a boost to the wider diversity, equality and inclusion strategy within your organisation/system, and how it will achieve long-term sustainability


  • Evidence how relevant staff members, patients, carers and communities were fully engaged in the co-design, planning and implementation of the initiative
  • Judges are looking for evidence that consultation and engagement processes were both meaningful and sustained


  • Share how the initiative has been rolled out across the organisation
  • Provide evidence to support how you have worked to share achievements and outcomes with others across the wider NHS
  • Discuss the scope for further replication or scaling up of this project in other settings.

Digital Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award

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